Mehndi and Henna Designs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mehndi & Henna

Depending on the design that is chosen it can take anywhere from 20 mins to several hours.  Usually for Asian Brides the henna designs are very intricate and require a number of hours to apply.  Usually brides prefer having designs on their hand and up to their elbows. Similarly for feet, intricate mehndi designs can be made on the feet and up to mid-calf.

Since proper henna once applied gets dark before it fades, it is recommended that Henna be applied a day before the main event.  Henna, when applied is “wet” – for photography it is better to take pictures when the henna is still wet as it gives a more dramatic look.  Once the henna starts drying it will flake and start falling off.  It is essential that while the henna is wet it does not get smudged and also be careful of henna staining anything by accident (for example furniture or the clothes).

Generally Henna gets a bit dark before it starts fading.  If taken proper care of, a henna design can last more than a week – this however depends on your skin and exposure to water which can fade the colour.  Henna is temporary and would not leave a permanent mark.

Natural henna paste is usually brownish in colour (there might be slight variation in the colour due to the various qualities of the plant).  Again, please make sure that the henna artist is not using “black” henna which can be harmful.  In order to get colours, some  henna artists use “glitter” to give a tint and bling to the design.  Glitters come in many colours and a customer generally would have a big choice available.

This all depends on the design that is chosen.  Some henna artists work on an hourly rate and some worked on fixed prices.  It is always better to get an estimate based on the preferred style to see which option would be more appropriate.  

For up-to-date information on the cost of Mehndi Makeup, please refer to our Prices page. Mehndi makeup falls just short of “Asian Bridal Makeup” as it is one of the main days before “Barat” or the actual wedding day that makes up the whole wedding routine.

Depending on the client’s preference, we can do soft or bold makeup for any day.  For a bride it also depends on the activities lined up for the Mehndi Evening.  Generally if it is a low key, daytime function, some brides prefer to go with the soft makeup look.  However since most of the times the mehndi functions happen at night and with a lot of dancing and entertaining, brides-to-be prefer to get bold makeup done.  In short, depending on what sort of makeup a bride prefers, we would go with their wishes.

We can offer a trial if a bride or her family prefers.  Please look at our current makeup trial prices by going to Prices page.  Makeup Trials, even though not essential, would give a bride a good idea of how she would look like on any of the days of her wedding.

We use a multitude of commercial and professional Makeup brands.  Chances are good that we carry brands of your preference.  Being professionals, we only use brands that are commercially sold in the UK/EU as these Makeup brands would have undergone rigorous testing before being allowed to be put on sale in EU.  There are some brands that are not sold in UK but are very popular back home in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.  If a bride wants to specifically use those brands we can try to accommodate but do not take any responsibility for their effects.  For brides or clients who have allergies, we request that they bring their own makeup with them which we can apply.  Typically, we use MAC quite a bit as we hold MAC Pro membership.  We also like using Illamasqua, Urban Decay, Shu UemuraBoobi Brown, KrayolanKaraja and TLG cosmetics.

It really depends on the type of makeup a bride or her family and friends prefer.  Generally, it can take couple of hours to apply Mehndi Makeup.

As a part of the package of Mehndi makeup, we can incorporate Jewellery, Dupatta, Hijabsetting.  We can also set flowers in the hair if required since traditionally brides on their mehndi day back home in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka use fresh flowers to adorn their hair.

Henna paste usually is packaged in a “cone” shaped squeezable container.  By squeezing the cone, the henna artist is able to apply the required amount of Mehndi to make any particular design.