Prom Makeup

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prom Makeup

A tradition that stared in US is fast taking root in the UK.  More and more these days we are seeing schools and seniors at a high school organizing a Prom for the school leavers.  The Prom in a way signifies a teenager coming to adulthood.  It is probably the first time in their “adult” life that a girl might get makeup and hair done professionally.  At Uzma’s we can help these young ladies look spectacular on this big occasion. Our huge team of Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists usually gets very busy doing Prom night makeup and hair styling.  To date, our team in Manchester has done close to 35 makeup for young ladies attending prom from the same school, at almost the same time.  Arrangements can also be made by the schools to offer our prom makeup and hair styling services to the young ladies who wish to have makeup and hair styling done professionally.

Since Proms are generally held within a difference of a few days of each other, it is highly recommended that you book as soon as possible.  Generally, most of the better and sought after Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists get fully booked.  Typically, Proms take place at the same time when it is peak wedding season in the UK (June, July, and even August). If you have decided that you will get professional makeup and hair done, please book as soon as you really can.

Our intention is to make you look spectacular on your prom night.  Naturally, all of us are different and we all come in various shapes and sizes.  Out best effort is to bring out the best features – we use different methods to achieve that via makeup and hair styling.  If this is your first time getting makeup and hair done professionally, be ready to be in awe of yourself.  You would look truly transformed and hopefully will steal the spotlight on your Prom night.

We will go by your wishes of how you would want to look. Of course, being professionals, you can rely on us to give you the best look possible both in makeup and hairstyling.  If you have any particular look in mind, please do let us know. 

Our prices for Prom Makeup are listed on our website.  Please take a look at Prices page for our current prices  The prices are listed separately for Prom Makeup and Prom Hairstyling.

Our preference is MAC – maybe because we hold MAC Pro membership and really like that brand.  We also like using Illamasqua, Urban Decay, Shu UemuraBoobi Brown, KrayolanKaraja and TLG cosmetics.  If you have an allergy and use any specific brand please let us know so that we can try to accommodate, if not, then we would ask you to bring your own makeup which we will apply for you.

Generally yes, but if we start getting too many bookings, it might become necessary to do all the makeup at the same spot.  In Manchester we use our own Makeup and Photography studio and for other cities if we have a multitude of bookings, and where time might be restricted due to travel, we might use a saloon or a hotel room to do all the Prom Makeups and Hairstyling from.