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Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Videography

Once details from the client are received, it can take from 12 to 24 weeks to create the first edit of the video.

Since Uzma’s specialises in covering Asian Wedding’s the following Frequently Asked Questions might mostly relate to Asian Wedding Videography subjects.  For any specific questions that might have not been answered, please feel free to contact us.

For Asian’s the importance of getting videos made at a wedding has been very traditional.  Of course, lots of our clients prefer to encase probably the most important event in their lives into a movie that can be watched by future generations.

In the past, video cameras were very bulky and generally even for a “single operator” camera you still needed a support person to check for wires, lights and other aspects.  With the advancement in technology, we now use DSLR cameras to record video.  These are “normal” photo taking cameras but have movie making abilities as well.  More and more, both Hollywood and Bollywood studios are using DSLR’s to make movies.

With the various tools and attachments available (Both hardware and software) a cinematic effect can be achieved by employing various techniques to give the finished product a feel of “cinema”.  The best results (especially when it is a fluid or running function with retakes improbable) can be achieved with multiple camera persons taking video from different locations. For our Asian clients that book their wedding videography packages with us, we recommend  at least 3 videographers to obtain a based cinematic effect. We can tailor make any package to suit your budget.

It will be our pleasure to put your choice of songs on the video. However, we will be limited to only using the songs and material that you give us and will not be responsible for obtaining or ensuring that you have permission to put such material on your videos.

We have absolute rights in the videos we take.

Our base Asian Wedding Videography package comes with only 1 change.  Our discounted packages also have the option of 1 change.  If more edits are required we can do so for a charge.

For Asian Wedding as well as other event videography services, we follow the same procedure as our photography services.  An initial deposit of 50% is made directly into our business account.  Once the money has been deposited into the bank we will send you a confirmation email detailing everything included in services and the package.  A minimum of a day before the actual wedding or event the balance of the 50% needs to be paid to clear the full balance.

Full payment prior to any work performed is a company policy and in line with the service industry norm.  Being a reputable company that has a track record and physical location, we will ensure our integrity is kept intact.

Yes, we have a range of options.  The most popular choice is a case that would have your chosen picture on the cover of the DVD/CD as well as the face of the actual CD/DVD.

We try our best to keep our Youtube channel up-to-date.  However, sometimes due to licencing as well as internet speed and data transfer limitations we have to truncate the video or make them low resolution.  If you still would like to see more examples and better res videos, please let us know and we will make arrangements to get those to you.

Asian weddings are becoming serious events in terms of how they are put together where as it used to be a less formal, private affair. With advancements in technology it is now even possible to make a private Asian Wedding look like it came straight from a Bollywood scene.  We work with highly reputed directors and choreographers – we work with semi-professionals to highly sought-after professionals that direct Bollywood movies.  Just like famous Bollywood Directors we have worked with some wonderful and very famous choreographers who work with various Bollywood actors.  If you want your Asian Wedding Video to set the benchmark for others to follow, please let us know, we will try our best to make your dreams come true.