Indian Wedding Photographer Manchester

Indian Wedding Photography Manchester
Also Wedding Videography services available.  All Female Crew available on request for segregated weddings.  

If you are planning a wedding in Manchester and the surrounding areas, you want to choose a wedding photographer that you can trust. At Uzma’s we have years of experience gained from covering many Indian weddings, and you can rely on us to capture the character of your wedding function through our excellent photography service.

We emphasise attention to detail with our work as we aim to preserve those little glances and embraces shared between the bride and groom during the day or days over which the ceremony is held. From years of covering events like this, we know that each wedding has its own personality and we take pride in capturing it on film. We take a discreet approach to photography, and we always take care not to get in the way or negatively impact any of the proceedings. Our experience covering events like this enables us to not pull focus from the proceedings while setting up scenes in a professional manner with friends and family, making sure everything is in keeping with the personality of the couple and the theme of the wedding.

We capture weddings in a storybook style. Our aim is to give the viewers of the wedding photographs a reflection of the function as well as a synopsis of the relationships. For Indian weddings, since they are generally spread out over multiple days, we can create a bespoke package to suit your requirements.

We offer competitive prices with our different high quality Indian wedding photography packages. For our per day coverage we will be with you for up to seven hours. You will be provided with all the raw images from the event, and 100 images chosen by the client will be edited or air brushed and presented as a high resolution DVD slide show. Prices start at £550 per day. You can choose from many different options in terms of how you want the final product presented to you. You could choose A3 photos with a matte digital finish and presented over twenty pages for £300 or you could opt for a beautiful acrylic album with a glass effect front cover with a leather back. In this package you can get twenty matte finish pages for £400. More information on our different packages and prices can be found here.

If you want to learn more about our Indian bridal photography services in Manchester, get in touch with Uzma’s Wedding Photography and Bridal Makeup on 0121 274 0353 today!

Event Photography Manchester and Videography

We provide a complete package to cover all the important events in your life – such as Birthdays, Engagements, Nikah, Registry Ceremony, Graduation Parties, Prom Nights in Manchester and surrouds.

Photo Shoots Manchester

Photos are the best way to preserve the wonderful moments of your life. Whether it is your Bridal / Wedding Photo Shoot, Anniversary Photo Shoot, Makeover Photo Shoot, Portfolio Photo Shoot, Family Photo Shoot, or any other important event, my Photo Shoots will capture the essence of all those moments in your life that are precious. My Photo Shoot services can be added on to a “Makeup” package or can be bought separately.

Boudoir Photography Ladies Only

I provide a confidential and private service for ladies that would like to have intimate pictures that they would like to keep for themselves or gift to someone special.  This service would include full makeup and a photo shoot session in Manchester and surrounding cities / localities .

Interested in more information about our services in Manchester? Contact us here using our enquiry form, or have a look at our prices here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Photography

Once a client confirms selection of the pictures and the layout – it can take from 12 to 24 weeks to complete the final album.

Once details from the client are received, it can take from 12 to 24 weeks to create the first edit of the video.

Being a professional organization we are insured.

Our contract consists of our Terms and Conditions which are implied as accepted if and when a deposit is made by the customer.

You can find some example of our work in our Gallery. We also update our Facebook, Youtube and Twitter pages regularly.  This includes our examples of work in Asian Wedding Photography, Asian Wedding Videography, and Asian Bridal Makeup as well.

Due to advances in technology, we rely on powerful flashes, LED lights etc. for lighting.  Where the client informs there will be insufficient lighting, we can use movable lighting as long as the venue permits that, this may depend on their insurance.

Our terms and conditions document which can be found by clicking here – it contains all the information about the refund/cancellation policy.

Typically, we send the raw images within 4-8 weeks from the day of the coverage.  If any editing is required and an album and a DVD/CD slide show is also required then the average time is from 16-32 weeks depending on how fast the customer gives us their selection.

All our photographers are either college graduates or professionals who have been in the field for a long time.  They would be dressed according to a “Smart Casual” dress code.

Again, this depends on the booking made and your requirements.  For Wedding Photography and Videography services if a “single” operator is chosen then it will be one person. For a complete cinematic effect our teams can be as big as 10 staff covering various things.

For our Bridal Makeup and Hair styling services we have one of each for every bride.  If there are more people in the party to include guests and relatives who need makeup and hairstyling done, we will have a multitude of artists assisting.

For our wedding photography and videography services we will need a copy of the complete itinerary so that our wedding photographers and videographers will know the plan for the day including the addresses of the venues and other places they have to be.  We also need the contact information of the coordinator with whom our staff will interact and seek guidance especially to know which family members are most important and which traditional rituals need to be covered – especially when during an Asian Weddings there can be multiple rituals happening at the same time and in different locations.

We provide all the images to the clients on a CD/DVD.  If an album is selected or is offered in the package, we will not only provide all the raw images but will also provide a digital slideshow of the pictures that would have been used in the album.  We have a range of albums to suit every budget.  For Asian Wedding videos, we provide the finished work on a DVD.  For a small charge we can have a wonderful DVD portfolio case prepared that always looks exceptional.

We provide all the raw images of the wedding to our clients.  Depending on the package, we will retouch, fine-tune and edit a selection given to us by the clients.

Even though we started with the traditional “Film” format – with the advancements in technology we now only use Digital formats.

Since we specialize in Asian Wedding Photography and Asian Wedding Videography we are well reputed in the Asian community for our professionalism.  During the peak wedding season, we would typically have 5-6 weddings per weekend, each lasting from Friday until Sunday.  We have covered every sort of Asian and Persian / Middle Eastern wedding from Traditional Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Gujrati, Bengali, Sindhi, Pakhtoon, Persian, and Arab weddings as well as an infusion of inter-cultural and inter-faith marriages.

Our wedding photography style preference is “Natural”.  In our opinion, this is the best way to capture the true feelings and emotions.  Sometimes due to requirements, especially for Asian Weddings, and when we have to do group shots we would use direction.  For couples who have photo shoots done – we do a combination of natural and posed photography.  We are always open to suggestions and ideas or you can leave it to our team of professional photographers and videographers.

Generally for our Asian Wedding Photography and Asian Wedding Videography services, we get bookings at least 6 months prior to the function.  We always try to accommodate clients who call us in the nick of time.  We have even managed to cover a big wedding on the very same day when the wedding was during peak season as the original photographer and videographer had not showed up.  It is always better to finalize your wedding venue and Photographer / Videographer in advance.

For Bridal Makeup services we have noticed that our brides usually start looking approximately 3 months before the wedding.

It is always better to come to the trail in your natural look.  Our stylists can determine in consultation with you which style works best.

Since we have a very big team throughout the UK, we can accommodate small as well as very large wedding parties that use our makeup services.  Our record so far has been 53 spread across our teams in Manchester and Birmingham!

Since Uzma’s specialises in covering Asian Wedding’s the following Frequently Asked Questions might mostly relate to Asian Wedding Videography subjects.  For any specific questions that might have not been answered, please feel free to contact us.

For Asian’s the importance of getting videos made at a wedding has been very traditional.  Of course, lots of our clients prefer to encase probably the most important event in their lives into a movie that can be watched by future generations.