Terms & Conditions

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the final price for the whole party/function/event will be required. The balance will be due in cash on the day and ahead of any makeup application / hair setting and styling / photograph taking/ video taking.

In case of cancellation for any reason by the client, the deposit will not be refunded.  The same deposit can be applied to another alternate date depending on availability.  If for whatever reason we cancel, the deposit will be returned and we will not be held liable other than the return of the deposit.

Travel and Mileage:
Travel within Greater Manchester will be £5. Distance beyond Greater Manchester will be charged at £0.45 (Forty Five Pence) per mile for the “to and from” (going and returning) journey.

Due to the equipment required to complete an assignment, a parking space in close proximity to the venue where we will be carrying out your makeover, makeup, hair styling, videography or photography will be required. Should any parking cost be incurred – these will be added to the fee payable by the client. If the service delivery is in a high-rise accommodation/building (above 3 floors) – you will need to let us know, along with details of all means of accessing your floor, as arrangements may need to be made in advance for equipment to be carried to your (or the venue) floor .

We will not Video / Photograph any event in the rain or other inclement weather such as would damage our equipment. If weather conditions prohibit Video or Photograph taking the event either in part or in whole and arrangements have not been made to move the event indoors, retainer and money’s paid are non-refundable.

The client gives permission and we reserve the rights to use any or all of the videos and digital photos for our promotional, marketing, and or advertising purposes. It is the sole responsibility of the client to secure permission of the venue (examples include but are not limited to, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Temples, Gurdwaras, Concert Halls, courtrooms etc.) to setup video and photography equipment and record video or take pictures with or without flash and bright lights. Retainer and money’s paid are non-refundable if the facility prohibits our ability to record video or take pictures.

All videos and photographs are copyrighted by us with all rights reserved. The Clients understand that reproduction of any video or photographs in whole or in part without our express written permission is illegal and prohibited.

1st Edit of the Video will be completed and ready for delivery within 8-24 weeks after the client has given all the required information to us. Any changes to the video after that will not be time guaranteed. In case of photography the raw images will be provided between 2-16 weeks of the shoot.  The finished photography work will be provided with no time guarantee as we are reliant upon the customers to give us final confirmation and information from their end.  Video(s) and photographs will be delivered upon payment in full. We retain rights to all raw and finished video footage and pictures. Since each project and assignment is different in nature, we cannot guarantee the specific length of video or the number of pictures to be taken.

Limitation of Liability:
We will take utmost care to produce a video and to take pictures of the highest quality but will not be held responsible for acts of God and / or circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to power failure, equipment malfunction, defective tape stock and / or client misuse of equipment. Under any and all circumstances which prohibit production of video or photographs. The total liability is limited to the refund of the retainer and any money’s paid towards final cost of video and or photographs.

In the unlikely event of serious personal injury or emergency circumstances beyond our control, a substitute videographer / photographer, subject to the acceptance by the client, may be dispatched to fulfil the obligations of videography / photography herein contracted. If securing a videographer / photographer is not possible, or if the client declines such substitution, the client will receive a full refund or retainer. Our total liability is limited to the refund of the retainer and any money’s paid towards the final cost of the video / photography.

We will abide by all rules of the facility (venue) and / or directions of staff (if applicable) and / or facility coordinator(s) in regard to camera / equipment setup and will not be held responsible for absence of certain shots due to such rules and / or directions, or due to interference by guests or vendors. Clients acknowledge that videography and photography requires reasonable lighting and that production may be compromised due to low or poor light levels. In certain low-light situations, we may suggest use of special lighting equipment as approved by the client.

Late Charges / No Show Charges / Extending Time:

From the time listed on the invoice, if a client is late by more than 30 minutes in coming to the agreed location or where the services need to be delivered then there is to a charge of £100.  If the client is late more than 60 minutes from the time listed on the invoice than the charge is £200.   In case of no show the client will be liable to pay the full amount due for the services that had to be provided.  In case of Photography and Videography the standard coverage time for each function is between 3 to 5 hours (unless stated on the invoice) if this time is to be extended by the client and if the photographer(s) / videographer(s) are available then the rate of charge for each additional hour will be £100 and will be billed in increments of every half hour (30 mins) – for example, if the photographer(s) / videographer(s) stays for 29 extra minutes then the additional charge will be £50 and if the photographer(s) / videographer(s) stays for 31 mins then the charge will be £100.


Medical Conditions:

A full disclosure of existing medical conditions that might limit the use of cosmetics needs to be made in writing prior to any makeup/cosmetic application.  Clients need to inform us in writing of any known allergies that might affect our use of cosmetics in doing makeup.  In case of photography and videography the clients need to inform us in writing if they or if anyone of their guests suffers from “Photosensetive Epilepsy” or are sensitive to “Flash Photography”.


Code of Conduct:

We will always consider the requirements and desires of the client in terms of capturing photographs / videos and makeup application and hair styling, editing, style, but reserve the right to use our professional opinion in any circumstance.

Consequential Loss:
Whist all reasonable care is taken, responsibility will not be accepted by ourselves for consequential loss or damage caused by errors or delays in delivery, or from any other cause.