Team Uzma’s on average covers about 5 to 6 weddings per weekend during peak Asian Weddings season.  Our team comprises of the best Asian Wedding Photographers and have numerous awards to their names.  Our Asian Wedding Photography and Asian Wedding Videography package prices and details can be found on our webpage. 

Asian Bridal makeup

Makeup is the most essential factor in creating a bride’s looks for the wedding celebrations. Be it Indian Bridal makeup, Pakistani Bridal makeup or Bangladeshi Bridal Makeup they are all created keeping in mind the celebration and the bridal attire. It is important for us to create looks that add beauty without disturbing the natural beauty of each bride. After all, makeup does reflect on the wedding photos. We go for what looks suite the bride the best and run a trial session before settling for the look of the day. All that planning is essential in creating the perfect memory for the couple to revisit.
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UZMAS Asian bridal makeup

The Best Asian Wedding Photographers in UK

If you know anything about Asian weddings, then you will know the amount of work that is put behind to get those two or more days of smooth celebrations and festivities. As a photographer, I enjoy the effort put by the bride and groom’s family in planning and organizing the wedding celebrations.

Be it a Pakistani wedding ceremony or a Tamil wedding ceremony, Asian wedding photography is mainly about capturing the details of the wedding in a narrative style. Details such as Asian bridal makeup and styling are also things that are essential when it comes to narrating a wedding with photography.

Why you should hire an expert and not just any wedding photographer:

There are a lot of options for the bride and groom when it comes to choosing their wedding photographer. But when it comes to Asian weddings, it is best to hire an Asian wedding photographer for the celebrations because they will have a fair knowledge about the festivities and rituals that take place. This helps them capture the right moments without missing them or not knowing what comes next. And that is a pretty big deal in narrating a wedding through pictures.

Here are some Asian weddings that we have a great deal of experience with.


Pakistani Wedding Photography

Typically, Pakistani weddings are a grand affair that begins with the mehndi ceremony that is held a few days prior to the wedding. The mehndi ceremony is mostly common for the bride and groom at a venue where even the guests are encouraged to have mehndi applied on their palms along with the bride.

My personal favourite in Pakistani wedding photography is the Rukhsati or the sending off ceremony for couples following the Nikkah. The emotions in the air are heavy and it is visually beautiful to be captured on a camera. Those are memories that the couple will be able to revisit years down the line.


Bangladeshi Wedding Photography

Showing elegance, luxury and vibrancy all the way, Bangladeshi weddings are some of the most extravagant celebrations there can be. The bride and groom are often dressed in shades of maroon or cream. The beauty of the wedding is that each family member is doing their own thing celebrating the union of two souls.

When it comes to Bangladeshi wedding photography one event that I really look forward to is the Gaye Holud held a couple of days before the wedding. It is the bridal shower that combines a mehndi ceremony and haldi ceremony.

 Guests are commonly dressed in orange or yellow and yellow turmeric paste is applied on the bride’s face and hands to give her that “pre-wedding” glow. The significance of the haldi in warding off evil eye for the couple is not to be missed too.


Somali Wedding Photography

Many photographers find it hard to create portraits featuring the head bands and scarves that are a tradition in Somali weddings. But that is what I absolutely love about Somali wedding photography. The wedding has the nikkah ceremony and the party afterwards which is open for a lot of guests including the extended family. The celebrations can get pretty intense with the dancing and partying and there are so many beautiful moments that can be captured.


Arab Wedding Photography

The Arabs are extravagant in their celebrations and their weddings show nonetheless. The bride is often dressed in shades of maroon or red with exquisite jewellery which makes bridal portraiture my favourite aspect of Arab wedding photography.

Couple portraits turn out to be a thing of royalty and it takes a fair amount of skill to depict every bit of the wedding in a storyline.


Persian Iranian Wedding Photography

Combining a lot of meaningful traditions both before and after the wedding, Persian Iranian Wedding Photography is all about capturing emotions behind each ritual that takes place. A wedding has to be narrative for the couple to relive their special day years from now.

The post wedding ceremonies are the ones that have the most emotional value with extended families welcoming the newlyweds into their family with traditions that show their love and acceptance.

The wedding ceremony, no matter how simple or extravagant it is, is always fun to capture.


Hindu Wedding Photography

Hindu weddings can be anything from Kannadiga ceremonies to Marathian weddings. But one thing they all have in common is the cultural traditions and the celebrations they bring. Brides are dressed in a saree or lehenga whereas the groom often wears a traditional suit in a beige or ivory colour.

The wedding ceremony and the reception are the two ceremonies that are of utmost importance with the mehendi ceremony being optional for many families. Hindu wedding photography involves a lot of research into the ceremonies that take place, something that I have personally experienced and handled through the years.


Muslim Wedding Photography

If there is an advantage in being a female wedding photographer, it is the joy of covering Muslim Weddings. The bride often has a veil covering her face whereas the ceremonies are held separately for the bride and the groom, restricting one another from seeing each other. The anticipation and the shyness is what make Muslim Wedding Photography my favourite one.


Sikh Wedding Photography

Sikh weddings can go for days together and it is important that you hire a photographer who really knows the ceremonies that consist of the wedding. The dancing, the colours and the happiness is all essential elements in Sikh wedding photography. You have to be really careful not to miss the emotions in the sending off ceremony.


Tamil Wedding Photography

Traditional Tamil weddings involve ceremonies prior to tying the knot which all have their own significance. The groom tying the thaali around the bride’s neck has a whole lot of emotions playing on the bride’s face, the bride’s parents’ faces etc. The couple holding hands and walking around the fire is such a strong moment.


  • Indian Bridal Makeup UK

An Indian bride like any other bride needs to look just perfect on her wedding day and her Indian bridal makeup needs to blend perfectly with the wedding dress. Our Indian bridal makeup team that is based in UK but also travels not only locally but internationally as well, takes pride and is very well reputed in providing the best Indian bridal makeup services all over the UK to include Manchester, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow and surrounding areas. 

Our Indian Bridal Makeup Artists will create looks that will highlight features of the bride on her wedding day by making her look stunning on THE most important day of her life. You can depend on our professional and expert henna and Indian bridal makeup artists to bring out the best in each bride.

We consider the wedding dress, theme of the wedding, and jewelry among other things to give you the best Indian Bridal Makeup package. We only use the best products such as MAC, Urban Decay, Illamasqua, YSL, Dior, Chanel, Kroylan, Karaja and others to create the look you desire. Call our UK specialised Indian bridal makeup team for complete satisfaction.


  • Pakistani Bridal Makeup UK

The best Pakistani Bridal Makeup service in the UK is provided by the team at Uzma’s.  Tying the knot is probably the most important celebration in any ones life and for that reason a Pakistani Bride is in the spot light. 

In order to capture the essence of this lifetime experience, a Pakistani Bride needs to look her best on her wedding day as she would be the center of attention.  Our Pakistani Bridal Makeup Artists team will give you a look that will set your stamp on the day and Inshallah will be the talk of the town for years to come. 

For achieve the exact Pakistani bridal look that you want, you would need proper hair styling, jaw dropping Pakistani Bridal Makeup and also intricate Mehndi designs. Our  Pakistani bridal makeup artist teams cover all of UK, especially big cities and surrounding areas to include London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, and Glasgow. 

Our Pakistani Bridal Makeup service offers the best of all these to make sure the bride looks unique and stunning and does not lose her own personality and style. We note our Pakistani Bridal Makeup customer’s choices and will create traditional, smoky, contemporary or soft bridal look that will go with the theme of the wedding.


  • Bangladeshi – Bengali Bridal Makeup UK

For Bangladeshi Bridal Makeup looks we keep in mind the traditions and emotions associated with a Bengali Wedding. It is imperative that the Bengali Bridal Makeup needs to reflect the culture and tradition of the country as well as the trends in UK too. Our Bengali Bridal Makeup teams based in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow that cover all over the UK ensures complete Bangladeshi bridal makeup package that will make the bride look every bit of a typical traditional beautiful Bengali bride. No matter, it might be a contemporary Bengali bridal makeup or a traditional Bangladeshi Bridal Makeup look, our team of experts will create the perfect look.

Our highly trained and professional Bangladeshi makeup artists have number of years experience to give you the look you desire for your wedding. Get ready for an amazing transformation as a Bengali Bride.  Your look of elegance and style with our great Bengali Bridal Makeup package will ensure you steal the show and you will truly look like a Bengali Princess on her wedding day.


  • Somali Bridal Makeup UK 

Our Somali Bridal Makeup teams based in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow that cover all over the UK know that Somalia has a very rich history and traditions that dates centuries. Somali weddings reflect the traditions of Somali hospitality and culture. Somali bridal makeup requires our team to highlight the culture of Somali and also  to blend it with contemporary ideas to make every Somali bride look stunning and unique. Our Somali bridal makeup team that covers all over the UK has services that are well equipped to handle the demands of each individual Somali wedding makeup.

Over time, we have gained valuable insight in understanding the finer points of Somalian culture and offer our Somali Bridal Makeup services in tune with those traditions and cultural values. 

With the perfect combination of eye makeup, hair styling and face makeup, we can make every Somali bride look dazzling and rightly so in beauty.


  • Arab Bridal Makeup UK 

Arab Bridal Makeup is all about elegance and flair, Arab bridal look is essentially about making the bride the center of attraction. A challenge most of the modern Arab Bridal Makeup artists face is to give an Arab Bride a look that is traditional, subtle and yet mesmerising and stands out.  With the influx of fusion contemporary Arab Bridal Makeup, our Arab makeup teams ensure that they are up to date on trends and techniques.  You can be assured that for your Arab Wedding you will get the best Arab Bridal Makeup that would be par excellence.  

As we have an exceptional Arab Bridal Makeup team in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow we can undertake your Arab Bridal Makeup needs all over the UK.  


  • Persian / Irani Bridal Makeup UK 

Our Persian / Irani Bridal Makeup artists have noticed that mostly brides from Iran have beautiful big eyes, sharp features and flawless skin. Iranian ladies are indeed blessed with great natural looks. Our Irani bridal makeup artists job is to highlight these features so that the brides looks even more stunning on the wedding day.

Our Irani Bridal Makeup artist teams operate from Manchester, London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow and hence cover all of UK.  Our Irani bridal makeup packages include hair styling and colour makeup for face.  Our Persian Bridal Makeup artists take inspiration from the rich history of the region and create bridal looks that will awe-struck everyone.

Irani weddings are very traditional and hence most people prefer traditional bridal makeup. However, at the request of the clients, we blend modern style with it to create contemporary bridal looks to go along with the theme of the wedding.

Our unique Irani bridal makeup service will take care of all bridal makeup needs so that the Persian Bride can confidently steal the show by being the centre of attention.


  • Tamil Bridal Makeup

Our Tamil Bridal Makeup teams operate from Manchester, London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow and therefore cover all of the UK.  Tamil weddings are full of color and are vibrant functions that are attended by usually people in traditional attire. A Tamil bride usually wears heavy jewelry keeping in line with the traditions back home.  They also wear vibrant traditional sarees. A Tamil Bridal dress, in order to keep with the wedding theme, calls for heavy makeup that our Tamil bridal makeup service is expert in providing.

We have Tamil Bridal Makeup experts who know very well how to apply traditional heavy makeup fuse with contemporary looks.  Our Tamil Bridal makeup team will  make every Tamil bride look even more gorgeous for their wedding day. 

From Hair styling to mehndi and bridal, trust us to make a Tamil bride look her best on her wedding day.

  • Sikh Bridal Makeup  

Sikh Bridal Makeup keeping in line with Sikh Wedding traditions that is abound with colors, loud music, and luxurious outfits adds more glamour to a Sikh wedding. It is not only about the festivities of the wedding function our Sikh Bridal Makeup artists have to also keep in mind the solemnity of the Wedding function itself by following the traditions and paying respect to the culture. 

Therefore, Sikh bridal makeup has to be traditional as well as bright and gorgeous. Heavy and accentuated eye makeup, use of mehndi and flowers are typical of Sikh bridal makeup. Our Sikh Bridal Makeup packages include special Sikh makeup services to cater to the Sikh brides who want to look stunning on their wedding day.

Our Sikh Bridal Makeup Artists teams are based in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow and hence cover all over the UK.

From luxurious hair styling to intricate mehndi designs and the right facial makeup, we offera  complete bridal Sikh makeup package.

We take care that the bridal makeup follows the tradition of the Sikh community while making the bride look elegant and pretty and also fuse it with western traditions to create that one in a million look.


Female Wedding Photographers and Videographers to cover all over UK for Segregated Asian, Arab, Persian, and African Weddings.  Regional teams for Manchester, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow and surrounding areas.


Henna and Mehndi artists available to go along with your Asian Wedding Photography, Asian Wedding Videography and Asian Bridal Makeup needs.

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