Bridal Makeup FAQ’s

These Frequently Asked Questions related to Uzma’s Bridal Makeup and hair styling services for Asians and Non-Asians in the UK.  We have tried to provide as much information as possible.  In case you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


What Makeup Brands Do You Use?

We use a multitude of brands that we believe are right for quality and colours.  We use brands that are already tested and are sold in the UK/EU market.  Since, Uzma holds MAC Pro membership – we tend to use Mac’s range and also like Illamasqua, Urban Decay, Karaja, and Kroylan amongst others.  We also are on the lookout for niche brands that available to professionals.  If you have any special brand request, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate.  For clients who are allergic to any ingredient or do not want to use certain brands due to beliefs (especially religious), we request them to bring their own makeup and we will be happy to apply those.


Do you offer trials?

Yes, especially for Bridal Makeup we recommend that our to-be brides get a trial done.  This way we can easily and without any rush choose the best colours and combinations.  Of course, during the trial we can also ascertain what type of makeup a to-be bride wants: heavy, Arabic, contemporary (with flicks), traditional and many more.  For trials, even though we can go to any location of choosing (depending on availability as well as cost), we prefer that the brides-to-be come to us.  This way we are able to utilise any colours in our collection as when going to a client and with mobile carry cases we are unable to carry all of our extensive range.


How much time is required for a trial and when should I book a Makeup Trial?

Since the intention is to have the perfect combination of colours, sometimes a trial can take from 1 hour to several hours.  The best time to book a trial is when you still have plenty of time till the wedding day.  This way, if any adjustments need to be made, it can be done easily.


How do I make a booking for a trial as well as for the Bridal or Party Makeup and Hairstyling?

Once you are ready to proceed, you will need to pay a deposit 50% of the total amount into our business account (please put your name as a reference so that the payment can be tracked).  Once a deposit is made into our business account, it is only then that the booking is confirmed.  Once the booking is confirmed, we will send you an email to confirm.  The balance of the money is due on the day and before application of makeup starts or the hair style is set.


What if I need to re-apply lipstick (How do I top up)?

If any top up (or reapplication) is needed, you are welcome to buy the same lipstick from a retailer or us (if we do have extra).  Sometimes at Asian weddings (especially if there is a day civil wedding and then a reception)  our clients prefer someone from the team to be present so that a whole new application of makeup and hair styling can be done.  Please enquire before hand if you require such service.


For Hair Styling do you provide hair extensions or other accessories?

In the prices listed, it does not include cost of any hair extensions or pieces.  If you have hair extensions, we will be happy to put those on for you.  For normal hair pieces, we do carry those and will be happy to use them if required.  We do have beautiful hair pins and can show you a range to purchase which we can put on for you.


Do you do dupatta / Hijab / Saree and Jewellery setting?

Included in the price of an Asian Bridal Makeup and Hair Styling is also dupatta, Hijab and hair and jewellery setting. However, for saree setting we do charge extra and depending on the style of the saree.  Please call us to discuss individual charges.


Do you have fake eyelashes?

Our prices generally include ordinary eyelashes.  However, for special fake eyelashes which might require more work, we might charge extra.


What cities do you provide Asian Bridal Makeup and Hair Styling in the UK?

Since we have big regional teams based in Manchester, Birmingham, London, Cardiff and Glasgow; we can use our regional teams to cover almost all of UK.  However, since we get booked up pretty fast, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible – especially during peak wedding season.

Event Photography and Videography Frequently Asked Questions

Since we like to differentiate between wedding and Event Photography and videography, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Event Photography and videography.  Asian Wedding Photography and videography has its own set of Frequently Asked Questions.


What events do you cover?

Our photographers and videographers are all either highly educated and hold a degree in their field or have experience in lieu.  Our Event Photographers and videographers, just like our wedding photographers and videographers have a broad range of experience and are suited to take photographs at any function.  We cover both indoor and outdoor events – it can be a sports event, a social event or a corporate event we can provide photography and videography coverage for all.  Whether it is a Sikh Lori Function, A Bengali Aashirwad Ritual, An Assamese Snan Ritual, A Muslim Nikah Function or a birthday or a corporate function like Christmas dinner – you can rely on us to give you the best service in Event Photography and event videography.


How long is the coverage in events provided for?

For events it varies on the time the event starts and ends since it can be different from event to event please call to enquire.  We have listed our event photography and videography prices on our website under the “Prices” section on the toolbar.


When will you give us the pictures and/or videos?

The timescales of the finished products vary from package to package and from time to time.  Depending on which package you choose, you can enquire about the current lead times.  Of course, for event photography we would give the person/company that did the booking all the images.


Can the guests also get pictures and/or videos?

Yes, your guests can contact us after they have seen the pictures and videos and if they wish to have their own copy.  We do charge for making a print (both in Photography and Videography) available to your guests, please do check by calling and letting us know of your requirement so that we can figure out the charges.


How do I book your event photography and/or event videography services?

Our booking process starts after a deposit of 50% has been made direct into our business account.  Once money has been deposited and cleared funds received we will confirm everything in email including giving you details of what you have booked.  At least a day before the event, the balance needs to be paid.  Since we are an established business that is insured and has a great repute we do every transaction through the bank and do not accept cash.  Our terms and conditions are listed on our website.  Since money is deposited directly into the bank, you as a customer will always have proof of payment.


What information do I need to provide you at booking?

Of course, we would need to know the date, venue, complete address of the venue.  If the venue requires to see out insurance certificate, we will need to make sure to provide that beforehand.  We also always appreciate (and at some events require) name of the coordinator who will work with our crew in giving directions and helping with finding way.

Mehndi and Henna Frequently Asked Questions

Henna (sometimes referred as Hina or Mehndi) is a paste that is made out of a plant by crushing the leaves.  There is evidence that Henna in olden time was also used to dye fabrics.  Traditionally however, Henna is mostly used as a cosmetic to adorn the body by people mostly from the sub-continent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka) and now due to cross cultural infusion, people all over the world from Middle East, Europe, Far East as well as America’s have started using Henna designs as a form of garnishing their bodies.

At Uzma’s we work with reputable Henna artists all over the UK and overseas.  Due to our years’ long collaboration, we can recommend the best Henna Artists that are available to our clients.


As a standard, the henna artists we recommend do not use “Black Mehndi” – Black Mehndi can have chemicals in it that can harm the skin.  Following are some frequently asked questions.  In case there are more questions please do contact us so that we are able to provide you an answer.


How is Henna applied?

Henna paste usually is packaged in a “cone” shaped squeezable container.  By squeezing the cone, the henna artist is able to get our the required amount of Mehndi that would be required to make any particular design.


Usually how long does it take to have Henna applied?

Depending on the design that is chosen it can take anywhere from 20 mins to numerous hours.  Usually for Asian Brides the henna designs are very intricate and require a number of hours to apply.  Usually brides prefer having designs on their hand and up to their elbows.  Similarly for feet, intricate mehndi designs can be made on the feet and up to mid-calf.


When should the henna be applied?

Since proper henna once applied gets dark before it fades, it is recommended that Henna be applied a day before the main event.  Henna, when applied is “wet” – for photography it is better to take pictures when the henna is still wet as it gives a more dramatic look.  Once the henna starts drying it will flake and start falling off.  It is essential that while the henna is wet it does not get smudged and also be careful of henna staining anything by accident (for example furniture or the clothes).


How long does Henna stay on?

Generally Henna gets a bit dark before it starts fading.  If taken proper care, a henna design can last more than a week – this however depends on your skin and exposure to water which can fade the colour.  Henna is temporary and would not leave a permanent mark.

What colours are available in Henna?

Natural henna paste is usually brownish in colour (there might be slight variation in the colour due to the various qualities of the plant).  Again, please make sure that the henna artist is not using “black” henna which can be harmful.  In order to get colours, in modern times, henna artists are using “glitter” to give a tint and bling to the design.  Glitters come in many colours and a customer generally would have a big choice available.


How much does it cost to get Henna?

This all depends on the design that is chosen.  Some henna artists work on an hourly rate and some worked on fixed prices.  It is always better to get an estimate based on the preferred style to see which option would be more economical.

Photoshoots Frequently Asked Questions

Photoshoots Frequently Asked Questions

At Uzma’s we offer various Photoshoots to include Family Photo Shoot, Bridal Photo Shoot, Couple Photo Shoot, Fashion Photo Shoot’s etc.  This section of Frequently Asked Questions generally applies to all Photo Shoots but if you have any questions that are unanswered please feel free to contact us.


What do you mean by a Photo Shoot?

In general Photo Shoots are directed sessions in which a particular mood, activity or emotion is captured.  Some clients prefer to have an “undirected” looking photo shoot.  This can be achieved by having multiple camera men and women take photo’s from different angles.  By far the most popular photo shoots we do are Asian Wedding Photo Shoots and Makeover Photo Shoots.


Where can a Photo Shoot take place?

Weather depending – a photo shoot can be done outside and of course inside.  In both the cases the environment might be “controlled”.  By control we mean that artificial as well as natural lighting can be “controlled” or directed.  In our studios in Manchester we have a comprehensive setup to do indoor photoshoots.  In other areas of the UK, depending on availability and venue, we can do outdoor as well as indoor photo shoots at exciting venues (pending permission).


For Makeover Photo Shoots do you provide makeup and hairstyling?

Depending on the package the client chooses, makeup and hairstyling as well as the number of times an outfit can be changed can be agreed upon.  Please look at our prices page to get an idea of the cost.  We can also tailor make a package to suit your individual needs.


I want to get into modelling, do I need to get a photo shoot done?

Not necessarily, to become a model you would not need a professional photo shoot done.  However, since first impressions count a lot and your portfolio gets seen before an invite might be sent, it is recommended to get a modelling portfolio done.


Would I get a paid assignment after getting a Photo Shoot done?

Fashion modelling is a very competitive filed.  You not only have to be really good but also lucky to get spotted.  If the will is there it is important to keep striving.  We always recommend any aspiring model to network as much as possible and try to get into as many shows (both amateur and Professional) as possible.


I might be shy posing for my Photo Shoot?

It is very natural to be shy especially if you are not used to “lights, camera, action”.  Our professional’s will try their best to help you ease and become comfortable.  We take enough test shots to orient the clients to the environment.


How would I get the images?

There are a number of ways you can get images.  Depending on the package you chose as well as options, we can give you the digital images in CD/DVD’s, a hard drive, Albums, Prints as well as Customised CD/DVD’s (with beautiful covers).  Our digital images are of hi resolution and can be printed without losing resolution.  There are also numerous high street stores including Boots in the UK that also offer mounting and framing services.


Who retains the copyrights to my images?

It is very important to note that we retain all the copyrights in the images and pictures we take.


Can I incorporate a Photo Shoot into my Asian Wedding Photography package?

Yes, we will be happy to add on a photo shoot option to any wedding photography package that you would have taken.  Depending on preference the photo shoot can be done at the venue, our studios, outside, or any other specific location (please check before hand to discuss in detail).


Why is a Photo Shoot important?

Sometimes formal photo shoots are preferred in order to preserve the memories of times gone by.  We believe it is very important to retain the memories of every stage in a life of a person.  We offer baby photo shoots, teenage photo shoots, prom photo shoots, graduation photo shoots, wedding photo shoots, anniversary photo shoots as well as any other photo shoots that a client might feel warrants professional pictures to crystalise the memories.

Prom Makeup Frequently Asked Questions

Prom Makeup Frequently Asked Questions?

A tradition that stared in US is fast taking root in the UK.  More and more these days we are seeing schools and seniors at a high school organizing a Prom for the school leavers.  The Prom in a way signifies a teenager coming to adulthood.  It is probably the first time in their “adult” life that a girl might get makeup and hair done professionally.  At Uzma’s we can help these young ladies look spectacular on this big occasions.  Our huge team of Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists usually gets very busy doing Prom night makeup and hair styling.  To date, at almost the same time, our team in Manchester has done close to 35 makeup for young ladies attending prom from the same school.  Arrangements can also be made by the schools to offer our prom makeup and hair styling services to the young ladies who wish to have makeup and hair styling done professionally.


When should I book you for a Prom Makeup and Hair Styling?

Since Proms are generally held within a difference of a few days between them.  It is highly recommended that you book as soon as possible.  Generally, most of the better and sought after Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists get fully booked.  Since typically Proms take place at the same time when it is peak wedding season in the UK (June, July, and even August), if you have decided that you will get professional makeup and hair done, please book as soon as you really can.


How would I look, I have never had a professional makeup and hair styling done before?

Our intention is make you look spectacular on your prom night.  Naturally, all of us are different and we all come in various shapes and sizes.  Out best effort is to bring out the best features – we use different methods to achieve that via makeup and hair styling.  If this is your first time getting makeup and hair done professionally, be ready to be in awe yourself.  You would look truly transformed and hopefully will steal the spot light on your Prom night.


I do not like to put on too much makeup?

We will go by your wishes of how you would want to look.  Of course, being professionals, you can rely on us to give you the best look possible both in makeup and hairstyling.  If you have any particular look in mind, please do let us know.


How much does it cost?

Our prices for Prom Makeup are listed on our website.  Please take a look at the page titles “Prices” to see our current prices.  The prices are listed separately for Prom Makeup and Prom Hairstyling.


What makeup brands do you use?

Our preference is MAC – maybe because we hold MAC Pro membership and really like that brand.  We also like using Illamasqua, Urban Decay, Shu Uemura, Boobi Brown, Krayolan, Karaja and TLG cosmetics.  If you have an allergy and use any specific brand please let us know so that we can try to accommodate, if not, then we would ask you to bring your own makeup which we will apply for you.


Are you mobile?

Generally yes, but if we start getting too many bookings, it might become necessary to do all the makeup from the same spot.  In Manchester we use our own Makeup and Photography studio and for other cities if we have a multitude of bookings and where time might be restricted due to travel, we might use a saloon or a hotel room to do all the Prom Makeups and Hairstyling from.

Wedding and Event Videography Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding and Event Videography Frequently Asked Questions

Since Uzma’s specialises in covering Asian Wedding’s the following Frequently Asked Questions might relate to mostly Asian Wedding Videography subject.  For any specific questions that might have not been answered, please feel free to contact us.

 Why is it important to get a video made at my wedding?

For Asian’s the importance of getting videos made at a wedding has been very traditional.  Of course, lot of our clients prefer to encase probably the most important event in their lives into a movie that can be watched by future generations.


How do you make the video?

In olden days, video cameras were very bulky and generally even for a “single operator” camera you still needed a support person to check for wires, lights and other aspects.  With the advancement in technology, we use DSLR cameras now to take video.  These are “normal” photo taking cameras but have movie making abilities as well.  More and more both Hollywood and Bollywood studios are using DSLR’s to make movies.


What is cinematic videography?

With the various tools and attachments available (Both hardware and software) a cinematic effect can be achieved by employing various techniques to give the finished product a feel of “cinema”.  The best results (especially when it is a fluid or running function with retakes improbable) can be achieved with multiple camera persons taking video from different locations. For our Asian clients that book with us their wedding videography packages, to obtain a base cinematic effect we recommend at least 3 videographers.  We can tailor make any package to suit your budget.


I would love to put my own choice of songs in the video?

It will be our pleasure to put your choice of songs on the video.  However, we will be only limited to putting the songs / material that you give us and will not be responsible for obtaining or ensuring that you have permission to put such material on your videos.


Who holds the copyrights to my wedding or event video?

We have absolute rights in the videos we take.


How many times can I get my video edited?

Our base Asian Wedding Videography package comes with only 1 change.  Our discounted packages also have the option of 1 change.  If more edits are required we can do so for a charge.


How do you give me the video?

Initially, we will provide you the first edit.  The raw video can only be processed once we have complete information from you including songs and titles you would like to put on your videos.  Please refer to our terms and conditions about timelines.  Depending on the package you choose, we will provide re-edits.


How do we book your videography services?

For Asian Wedding as well as other event videography services, we follow the same procedure as our photography services.  An initial deposit of 50% is made into our business account directly.  Once the money has been deposited into the bank we will send you a confirmation email detailing everything included in services and the package.  A minimum of a day before the actual wedding or event the balance of the 50% needs to be paid to clear the full balance.


Why would I pay you the full amount when I even have not received anything?

Full payment prior to any work performed is a company policy and in line with the service industry norm.  Being a reputable company that has a track record and physical location, we will ensure to keep our integrity intact.


Do you provide customised DVD,s / CD covers?

Yes, we have a range of options.  The most popular choice is a case that would have your chosen picture on the cardboard cover of the DVD/CD as well as the face of the actual CD/DVD.


Where can I see examples of your videography work?

We try our best to keep our Youtube channel up-to-date.  However, sometimes due to licence as well as internet speed and data transfer limitations we have to truncate the video or make them lo resolution.  If you still would like to see more examples and better res videos, please let us know and we will make arrangements to get those to you.


Do you provide direction and choreography?

Asian weddings are becoming serious events in terms of how they are put together.  In olden times it was more informal and a private affair.  With advancements in technology it is now even possible to make a private Asian Wedding look like it came straight from a Bollywood scene.  We work with very reputed directors and choreographers – these can both be semi-professionals to highly sought-after professionals that direct Bollywood movies.  Just like famous Bollywood Directors we have worked with some wonderful and very famous choreographers who work with various Bollywood actors.  If you want your Asian Wedding Video the benchmark for others to follow, please let us know, we will try our best to make your dreams come true.  

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