Asian Weddings – Jewellery Trends in UK
Gorgeous Pakistani bride.

Asian Weddings – Jewellery Trends in UK

Photo of an Asian Bride from UK wearing her jewellery
A British Asian Bride wearing traditional jewellery

Gold has always been the material used for traditional jewellery worn by Asian women on every important occasion of their lives including weddings. It finds its origin within the Indian Subcontinent in the royal courts of Gujarat and Rajasthan where empresses and princesses used to adorn themselves with ‘kundan’ jewellery—‘Kundan’ is the refined form of gold obtained by melting it at a high temperature—to show off their power, status and, of course, their beauty. From there, it found its way into the lives of common people and these days, gold jewellery has evolved into exclusive and distinctive designs, and is being worn on every occasion—be it formal or informal—with every type of traditional Asian apparel from saree to lehenga, from shalwar kameez to frocks and gowns.
Even in UK, Asian brides wear gold jewellery as wedding accessories in accordance with the trends followed in native countries (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). Today, we will talk about the latest trends of gold jewellery worn by brides on their big day.


Asian Bridal Makeup and Jewellery
Asian Bride from UK setting her Jewellery

Necklaces claim the central position in every jewellery set, and are generally the focus of every beholder. A necklace made of gold and embellished with the heavy use of dazzling stones is sure to make a style statement for every bride. The stones encrusted over the framework of gold are often matched in colour with the bridal dress to produce a glamorous effect.

A typical Asian gold jewellery set has heavy and finely decorated earrings, known in Asia as ‘Jhumkay’. These items of jewellery are available in a variety of designs and patterns, and all carry the essential Eastern touch: yes, tassels! Earrings, just like earrings, are also decorated with heavy stones—mostly the colours of bridal dress—and play a vital role in the overall look of the bride.

Matha Patti

Asian Bride wearing traditional jewellery
Asian Bride wearing “matha patti”

Kundan matha patti has come to be seen as an essential part of bridal jewellery these days. They can be either single or double sided depending on the wedding attire and choice of the bride. Just like other jewellery items, matha patti is also bejeweled with brightly-coloured heavy stones.

Payal is rapidly becoming a wedding trend this season. This piece of jewellery adorns the feet—actually, the ankle!—of the bride for a spectacular effect. Payal may be made either of simple gold or embellished with vibrant, multihued stones. Some payals are also decorated with tassels of various shapes like flowers, moons and stars. Moreover, ‘gungroo’ add music to the bride’s gait creating a stunning outlook of the bride.

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